New World Pure Water
Water Faucets

Reverse Osmosis Water: Here in Mountain View we start with fine city water from the Sierra Mountains near Yosemite. But to make it more delicious we super-filter any remaining sediments, soften the natural hardness, and flavor it with a charcoal carbon filter, restoring it to mountain spring-like quality.

Alkali Water: For some customers, we purchased a new system to further "Alkalize" our Reverse Osmosis Water, by running it through a Mineralized Alkali Filter and an additional Charcoal Filter. The Alkali Water has its own storage tank, re-pressurization pump, Ultra-Violet Purifier, and faucets.


Detailed steps to make our Reverse Osmosis Water:

Step1: Dual Sediment Filter:

Dual stage filter to remove particles, sediment and rust.

Step 2: Water Softening

Dual back-washed water softening tanks.

Step 3: Granular Activated Carbon Filter

Granulated activated carbon (GAC) to remove organics, chemicals, and chlorine.

Step 4: Fine Sediment Filter

Final filtering before the reverse osmosis process.

Step 5: Reverse Osmosis Process

Water is Pressurized (>200 psi) to pass through a 1 micron membrane.

Step 6: Storage and Re-Pressure Tanks

Water is stored and some is re-pressurized to drive the faucets.

Step 7: Ultra-violet light

Just before the faucets, the water passes through ultra-violet light, a safe and natural method of purification.