New World Pure Water

Here is Purification of our water


Step1 Ultra Sand Filter

First the water goes through a coarse sand filter

Step2: Dual Sediment Filter

Then the water enters the dual stage filter to remove the sediment and rust particles. The water first passes through a 50 micron filter and then a 20 micron filter.

Step 3: Water conditioning

Although reverse osmosis is the heart of the purification process, it is only one step. Water entering the plant is first treated with an ion exchanger that conditions it. In addition to removing calcium and magnesium, conditioning filters will suspend impurities. 

Step 4: Granular Activated Carbon Filter

Here the water passes through 1.0 cubic feet of granulated activated carbon (GAC). This filter uses a method called adsorption to trap decaying organic materials, chemicals, and chlorine. 

Step 5: Sediment Filter

This 5 micron filter will insure that all dirt/sediment/rust and carbon fines have been eliminate prior to entering the reverse osmosis system. 

Step 6: Reverse Osmosis

The water then undergoes the reverse osmosis process. Here water is forced (at 200P.S.I) through a membrane that allows pure water to pass while diverting other contaminants aside.


Step 7: Storage Tank/Circulation

To keep water clean, it is constantly circulated in FDA approved polyethelene tanks and special air filters completely seal the tank to eliminate airborne contaminants.

Step 8: Ultra-violet light

After storage the water passes by ultra - violet light, a natural element of the sun’s own method of purification. Without imparting taste or chemicals to the water, ultra- violet light is used as an added protection to eliminate any bacteria before it reaches the water station.